Specify a Custom Number of Units

No Mouse in the House

Please contact NO MOUSE IN THE HOUSE customer support for information about ordering a custom number of units in bulk. Contact: info@nomouseinthehouse.com or 1-855-BYE-MICE (855-293-6423).

No Mouse in the House House-Pack includes a custom number of all-natural, safe, humane units that will repel and deter mice. No need to use poisons, traps or bait. Each unit contains a high potency herbal repellent peppermint  oil. The deterrent is long lasting and will operate for approximately six months. They are easy to activate and require no clean-up. The number of units required depends on the number of possible entry points and locations that are to be repelled. Units are sealed and will keep potent for years if unopened. Includes instructions. Made in the USA by Simpletek LLC.

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