All Natural, Long Lasting Mouse Repellant / Deterrent System

The All Natural Long Lasting Peppermint Diffuser Mouse Repellent Ball from No Mouse in the House

Stay Mouse Free Naturally with the Long-Lasting All natural peppermint mouse repellent ball

Welcome! The winter season is upon us and you've discovered NO MOUSE IN THE HOUSETM, the long-lasting, cost-effective, all natural peppermint mouse ball. So unique it's patented! You can keep mice out of your home / garage / storage unit / shed / cabin / RV / camper / boat / car for months using the best, the one and only, toss-able, 100% repellent-grade peppermint oil diffuser mouse ball that uses ... aromaSCAREapyTM. Set the units out BEFORE mice discover your home (camper, shed ...) and keep them out all winter!


Hmm ... Got mice already? You can deal with that too! We have tips for established mice, but it is a little trickier when they already know where the rewards are. Mice are like smart little people that can run, jump and climb walls, but there are things you can do! See our Q&A section where we talk about that. No Mouse in the House can help you there too.


THE LONGEST LASTING ... Reservoir & wick design lasts SIX MONTHS*!

COST EFFECTIVE … Because it lasts so long! (Compare to others and see!)

SAFE AND NATURAL … Essential oil stays inside, only vapor diffuses out the top.

THE RIGHT STUFF… With many types of "peppermint oil", and first press, second press etc., you have to know what really works.

HUMANE… Mice are not harmed, just repelled!

EASY TO USE… Twist off - Remove Seal - Twist on. Then place, toss or roll and DONE!

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY ... Natural ingredients, recycle and/or compost.

TOSS-ABLE ... Bottom-heavy, round design settles upright if you toss or roll it!

DRY ON FLOORS / WOOD... Doesn't leave a damp spot, the oil is contained.

(*Lifetime is based on the point where the reservoir is first depleted. This could be a little shorter or longer depending on temperature and airflow. Note that the wick is still wet at this point and the device is typically still effective some time longer as it dries out.)

Aromascarapy the all natural long lasting rodent mouse repellent system using peppermint herbal oil to get rid of mice

Our proprietary 100% peppermint oil repels mice by assaulting their incredibly acute senses (hundreds of times more sensitive than ours). We call this aromaSCAREapyTM. Pleasant for you, but very irritating for them!

You can place units where mice frequent, making their favorite place irritating so they will just stay out, and also place or toss the units into all the places / entry points where mice could come in. With each entry infused with irritating vapor, you have set up a perimeter barrier to keep mice out. (See Q&A and Instructions for more tips).

The units contain an oil reservoir and wick system designed so you can set it and forget it for about six months, and by then, they've gone elsewhere.


"I had mice in my silverware drawer and chewing electrical cords in the cabinets next to it. I called an exterminator (T*******) and they set out traps and bait and I still had them. I tried your mouse balls in the drawer and cabinets and the mice disappeared! Really amazing!"

- Barbara Jean, Richmond VA

I have an old shed with holes in it and squirrels or chipmunks were nesting in there. I put No Mouse balls in all the holes and I haven't seen them since! I think you're on to something!

- Bob, Seattle WA.

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