Product Instructions

No Mouse in the House(TM) Instructions

Thank you for purchasing NO MOUSE IN THE HOUSE(TM), the safe, humane, all-natural way to rid your home of mice using the natural power of AROMASCAREAPY(TM). We are an ecologically-friendly company – using all recycled, recyclable and compostable materials. NO MOUSE IN THE HOUSE(TM) was also conceived , developed, and manufactured entirely in the USA.  By purchasing our patent-pending product, you share our commitment to create jobs in the United States and to preserve and protect our environment. NO MOUSE IN THE HOUSE(TM) comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied within 30 days, you may return any units, with a copy of your purchase receipt and original UPC code to:  NO MOUSE IN THE HOUSE, P O Box 14750, Richmond, VA 23221 for a full refund.
~ Gary and Will, Inventors and Manufacturers of NO MOUSE IN THE HOUSE(TM). 
  1. Twist off the top half of the NO MOUSE IN THE HOUSE(TM) unit.
  2. Pry the edge of the rubber seal with the toothpick (included) and remove it to expose the submerged wick in the bottom half (save the rubber seal if you want).
  3. Remove the Upper Wick from the top half, stretch it out and then replace it.
  4. Screw the top half back on, finger tight, and the wicks should connect. The oil will wick to the top of the unit and it should get slightly damp.
  5. For an extra boost, turn the unit upside down for a couple minutes to saturate the wick. Then, place, toss or roll the NO MOUSE IN THE HOUSE(TM) device at desired location or mouse entry point.

(Note: The mint aroma will be slightly stronger at the start of operation and will decrease after 1-2 days.)

Bingo! You are now ready to place the units! You should put units in (a) the areas with evidence of where the mice frequent – drawers, cabinets, behind appliances, and/or (b) AS CLOSE AS YOU CAN to places they could enter (such as holes in walls, cabinets or floors). By blocking all of their entry points, you establish a perimeter defense against their entry. Note that the NO MOUSE IN THE HOUSE(TM) UNIT will stand upright by itself (if unobstructed) so you can toss it or roll it if you need to in order to get it where it needs to go.  In larger open areas you have to use multiple units to establish a perimeter of defense. You can also use it in campers, cars, RV’s, farm equipment, sheds, garages etc.

If you ALREADY HAVE MICE, such as they have built a nest or established a path to your food, it may require a different strategy. Now you want to enclose all your food and put NO MOUSE IN THE HOUSE(TM) units in all the food locations and food entry points but leave house exit points clear for now. You want the mice to be able to easily exit once the food is unpleasant to get to. Mice can also be very persistent once they know where food is located and they can make new entry points to work around the units. If established mice are very stubborn, we recommend a combination approach, where again, you enclose all your food and block all food entry points (either physically or with a unit) except one. At this one available entry point, place a humane mouse trap (such as Havahart, sold elsewhere). If you can't reduce the entry points, simply place the trap in a well frequented location. The NO MOUSE IN THE HOUSE(TM) units will discourage access to your food, directing the mice to the available location where the trap is, making the trap much more effective. Of course, you still have to deal with emptying the trap far from your house. Once you have stopped trapping mice (depending on how many mice and how many traps), then you can use your NO MOUSE IN THE HOUSE(TM) units to block all the entry points (or block them up physically), to discourage any newcomers and stay mouse-free from that point.


NO MOUSE IN THE HOUSE(TM) emits a scent that is pleasant to humans but offensive to the hypersensitive noses and eyes of wild mice. It is estimated their sense of smell is 1000 times more sensitive than ours. When mice encounter the unit they find the odor intense and unpleasant and they will retreat in the safest direction they know, which is back out the direction they came in. Once outside your house they have a million other choices of places to go and will eventually choose someplace else. 

The units will last  approximately 6 months, depending somewhat on room temperature and air flow. You may even find that after the unit is depleted that mice continue to stay away for weeks longer, having been trained that your house is unpleasant.


DO NOT allow pets or children to tamper or play with the unit.

DO NOT place units near open flame or excessive heat.

DO NOT allow the units to be held upside-down once the rubber seal is removed (as peppermint oil will leak out of the unit).

BE SURE that the unit deploys in a nearly upright position: This will prevent oil in the unit from leaking out and provide the maximum product lifetime (It will right itself naturally if unobstructed).

Peppermint Oil is a natural solvent: If allowed to leak out it can stain clothing, cabinets, furniture or floors. Though unlikely, vapors may also cause discoloration over time. Test the unit in an inconspicuous area the first time to determine if the vapors will damage or discolor the surface.


The oil inside the unit can cause minor skin, or eye irritation for certain individuals. In case of skin contact,  wash thoroughly with soap and water. In case of eye contact, flush with plenty of water. Consult a health care professional if irritation persists.


Unopened NO MOUSE IN THE HOUSE(TM) units can be stored in any cool dry location to be used at a later time.  Be sure to store the units out of the reach of children and pets.

Optimal storage of an already opened and deployed unit requires carefully reversing the deployment steps outlined above. TO PREVENT CONTACT WITH THE OIL, USE KITCHEN GLOVES. Unscrew the top half, carefully remove the Turbo Wick and store in a plastic bag (not included), replace the rubber seal and screw the top half back on. The top half will compress the rubber seal and the unit can now be safely stored.

DISPOSAL: The cardboard and paper packaging materials, wooden toothpick, and plastic parts of the units can typically be recycled in most communities. The cotton wicks can be composted or if you don’t compost (and you should), discarded in the trash. The oil in the unit can cause minor skin irritations so use rubber kitchen gloves and the supplied toothpick to remove the wick. The rubber seal can also be recycled if silicone rubber is recyclable in your area.

TO REORDER: CALL 1-855-BYE-MICE (293-6423) or visit