Rid your home of mice without poisons, traps or baits!

No Mouse in the House, natural mouse repellent, mouse repeller

The Long-Lasting (Patent Pending) Mouse Repeller

You’ve discovered NO MOUSE IN THE HOUSETM :  the natural, safe and humane alternative to dangerous poisons or inhumane and messy baits and traps. You can feel good about using No Mouse in the House because it is:

 NATURALThe ingredients are all-natural essential oils.

HUMANE… Mice are not harmed, just repelled!

NON-CONTACT Never handle a dead or live rodent … ever!

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY ... Recyclable and/or Compost

LONG LASTING Patent-pending slow release design releases repellant for six months or longer*!

SAFE …Safely contained inside a tough durable unit (we do recommend placing out of the reach of pets and children).

EASY TO USE Unscrew, remove the seal, screw back together and place, toss or roll the unit into place and DONE!

Made is the USA, Manufactured in Richmond, VA.

*Lifetime depends somewhat on temperature and airflow