Make your house Great and Mouse Free again!

Posted by Gary Atkinson on January 16, 2017 . 0 Comments

Okay, it's winter now, and mice are holed up somewhere, and maybe foraging for your food stuffs mid-winter. You can keep them out of your drawers and pantry with No Mouse in the House units, but it can be hard to get them to give up their nest. See our Q&A for tips on ways to deal with that.

But you can plan ahead when it starts warming up in a couple months. They will start foraging and this is the perfect time to protect your food stuffs (or whatever mice consider food stuffs) with No Mouse in the House and get them to forage outside and elsewhere. Once they are out for the spring, you can encourage them to stay out by also patching up entry holes and/or putting No Mouse in the House units in the places they could get back in. They will find outside much more agreeable and should stay out for the summer.

The final step is reinforcing those entry points come September when it get's cold again. Protect entry to your house with aromascareapy (TM) and they will find another home for the winter. Drive them out and keep them out. That's the overall strategy. Again, see the Q&A for other ideas. You can use No Mouse in the House in different ways, but you have to beat them at their own game!


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