A New Approach to Mouse Repellents

Posted by Gary Atkinson on August 06, 2017 . 0 Comments

Always something new! Some people like mouse repellents, using essential oils like 100% peppermint to deter mice from their home. Others like the ultra sonic approach. Well, it turns out, that these two approaches work really well TOGETHER. 

Ultrasonic is irritating to mice, but ultra sonic waves are like a flashlight beam. They don't go through walls, or thru cabinets, and they don't go around corners. So ultrasonic repellers are good for big open spaces. 

And mouse repellents, (and of course we prefer all natural mouse repellents like No Mouse in the House), but regardless, mouse repellents work really well in tight spaces like drawers, behind appliances and gaps and spaces between things.

So use them both! Put ultrasonic repellers out in the open to cover a room, and then all natural mouse repellent devices (like No Mouse in the House) inside cabinets, behind or under appliances etc., to keep them out of there as well.

It's a one-two punch that can keep mice out without using poisons, bait or traps. A two-pronged all natural mouse solution.

I do this at my house and the only problem I find is that it's hard to know if your ultrasonic devices are operating, since can't you hear them. At least I can't. They don't seem to bother my dog either. But I live mouse free in RIchmond, VA and there are mice everywhere around here.

Just something you might want to try! 









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