See Mice. See Mice Jump

Posted by Gary Atkinson on July 28, 2015 . 0 Comments

It's amazing how high mice can jump. I've trapped field mice in a big rubbermaid container with sides that are about 16" high and had them jump out while I'm walking with them. And field mice are more acrobatic than pet store mice, think Michael Jordan vs. well, just about anybody else. These here are pretty big and fat and still, they can jump to the ceiling of their cage.

Here's a little more athletic mouse and it looks like it's jumping about a foot:

And it makes it hard because they can jump places you might think they can't get to and get into your house a different way. They can scale anything that's not hard and smooth. That's why we recommend using our product on the inside of your house, garage, shed or whatever and place it where they are are able to come in.


It's aromaSCAREapy, where they will avoid the overwhelming peppermint scent they encounter once they find the entrance. If you scent all the entrances, they will explore elsewhere.

But you have to keep in mind that they get to places you might not think possible ...




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