No Mouse in the House Update

Posted by Gary Atkinson on July 22, 2015 . 0 Comments

It's been a while that our new product has been on the market and we thought our customers might be interested in how our product is being received. We are pleased that now with thousands of units out there, we have had nearly entirely positive feedback from customers, saying that the product really works for them (though some just give us a thumbs up at our local St. Stephen's Farmer's Market. We will admit that we actually had one customer come back and tell us that they did not think the product was working for them. While we don't know the exact parameters of this particular case, we have found that mice can learn and adapt if they are particularly motivated / hungry. In our field testing we have seen mice able to work around the units where it was physically possible for them to do so and they knew there was food on the other side. We have added some strategy notes in our Q&A / Frequently Asked Questions section to address this type of scenario (See the questions regarding "What if I already have mice?" and "What if they won't go away"?). In this case, we recommend a "combination strategy" as we describe in the Q&A / FAQ section.

In general we find that it's best to be proactive and defensive, keeping mice out from the get go. Once they learn the pathways in and out of your house, as well as where the food locations are, they get smarter about how to foil any scheme you create to deter them. On the other hand, if you can deter them from entering in the first place with No Mouse in the HOUSETM units, then they don't ever get started figuring out where your food is or making a nest. It's harder to convince people to use a preventative strategy unless they've had mice before. But that's what we continually try to do.


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