Peppermint Oil and Ultrasonic Mouse Repellents

Posted by Gary Atkinson on August 19, 2017 . 0 Comments

Okay, people like the idea of all natural mouse repellents, but there are two different approaches, essential oils, like peppermint, or ultrasonic devices. So which is better? Okay, we find that peppermint oil works if used properly, and we haven't tested ultrasonics ourselves, but lots of people believe in them, so I assume they must do SOMETHING. But here's the deal, they are different and that can be used TO YOUR ADVANTAGE. Ultrasonic waves are like a flashlight. They don't go through walls and they don't go around corners. So ultrasonics, presuming they are effective, work in larger open areas, but won't go inside cabinets or in nooks and crannies. BUT THIS IS EXACTLY WHERE PEPPERMINT OIL IS EFFECTIVE. SO ... use them together! Put mouse repellents in inside cabinets, behind appliances or at entry points and put ultrasonic repellers in open outlets that allow them to blanket the room.

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Fall Mouse Season

Posted by Gary Atkinson on August 14, 2017 . 0 Comments

Probably won't do much good, since no one listens, but fall is coming and mice start poking around on the first cold nights, trying to find a warm place for the winter. This is the time to place mouse repellents around. If you use our No Mouse in the House, it lasts six months so you can place them all around and they will last until the dead of winter. By then, they will have already found somewhere else to go and you'll be good for the winter.
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Why your mouse repellent might not work

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If you are trying a mouse repellent and it's not working for you, I have found that most often, this is because the mice already have found their way in and know where everything is. Once they know all the pathways into your house, if you pt a mouse repellent in some locations, they simply move around to others. You are just pushing them around. Mind you, the mouse repellents are probably working, but it's just not enough. Once they know where your stuff is, it's like a maze for them. You block one way, they find another. It helps that they can climb vertical walls, jump many times their height, have no fear and have good memories.

So what to do?

Have no fear, you can still do something. But you need to get rid of the mice that know your house. You have to trap them somehow and...

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How mouse repellents really work

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So I have watched mice interact with peppermint oil. I built a maze and before I was willing to venture into this whole business, I wanted to see if it worked. So anyway, I built a maze, which was just an 8 ft straight path made out of plywood, about an 8" wide path. I put peppermint oil on a cotton ball and put it in the middle. On one end I had a mouse in a box and I could move a brick to open the door to the 8ft run.

So first of all, this is not the same as mice exploring around your house trying to see if there's anything interesting inside. In that case they are exploring and relaxed. In my test, they are trapped, panicked and trying to escape. Which is what my mouse did once I moved the brick. He (or she, but let's...

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A New Approach to Mouse Repellents

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Always something new! Some people like mouse repellents, using essential oils like 100% peppermint to deter mice from their home. Others like the ultra sonic approach. Well, it turns out, that these two approaches work really well TOGETHER. 

Ultrasonic is irritating to mice, but ultra sonic waves are like a flashlight beam. They don't go through walls, or thru cabinets, and they don't go around corners. So ultrasonic repellers are good for big open spaces. 

And mouse repellents, (and of course we prefer all natural mouse repellents like No Mouse in the House), but regardless, mouse repellents work really well in tight spaces like drawers, behind appliances and gaps and spaces between things.

So use them both! Put ultrasonic repellers out in the open to cover a room, and then all natural mouse repellent devices (like No Mouse in the House) inside cabinets, behind or under appliances etc., to keep...

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How come some people say mouse repellents work and others say they don't?

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There are a number of reasons for this. Some times it just depends what people are selling. If you are selling mouse repellents you say they work and if you are selling traditional pest control services you might be inclined to say they don't. Also you have to have the right stuff. Not all peppermint products are effective deterrents to mice.  But if you have the right 100% peppermint oil for example, you can watch mice avoid it. I've done this in my own home built maze. So they WILL avoid it, but to make that work for you, you have to know how to use this advantage. 

The best approach is preventative. Placing mouse repellents all around your house at possible entry points before they come in. This works really well! But of course, most people don't do this. They don't do anything until they actually see mice, or evidence...

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How do I get rid of mice?

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Let's face it. Mice are cute when they are outside, but menacing when they are in your house. Most people would be happy if they just stayed outside. So people ask: What's the best way to get rid of mice? Keeping them outside is the magic of using a mouse repellent rather than traps. In fact, an all natural mouse repellent can be the best way to keep your house mouse free, without poisons or having to deal with dead, decaying or injured mice. Easier for you, safe for your kids and pets. But how do you do it? Do mouse repellents really work? Ok, honestly, it takes a little strategy, but it's not that hard to do.

The whole trick is that you just have to plan ahead, and that's the hardest part. You HAVE to place mouse repellents BEFORE you get mice in your house and they find...

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The Spring Mouse Baby Boom is Here!

Posted by Gary Atkinson on March 23, 2017 . 0 Comments

Spring is here, mice have been getting busy but this is the time when they start to get active again. The recommended strategy in the spring is to place No Mouse in the House units where you have "foodstuffs", which is anything THEY consider food, in order to drive them out of the house and outside into the warm weather. They will likely stay in an outdoor home for the summer.

The second step is to remember at the end of the summer to place No Mouse in the House units at the entry points to your home in order to keep them from coming back inside. Finding the irritating units, they will find some other more acceptable location. Though likely, this may be your neighbor's house!

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Make your house Great and Mouse Free again!

Posted by Gary Atkinson on January 16, 2017 . 0 Comments

Okay, it's winter now, and mice are holed up somewhere, and maybe foraging for your food stuffs mid-winter. You can keep them out of your drawers and pantry with No Mouse in the House units, but it can be hard to get them to give up their nest. See our Q&A for tips on ways to deal with that.

But you can plan ahead when it starts warming up in a couple months. They will start foraging and this is the perfect time to protect your food stuffs (or whatever mice consider food stuffs) with No Mouse in the House and get them to forage outside and elsewhere. Once they are out for the spring, you can encourage them to stay out by also patching up entry holes and/or putting No Mouse in the House units in the places they could get back in. They will find outside much more...

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We just want to thank all of our customers who are helping us make No Mouse in the House a tremendous success. We are in our second year and selling No Mouse in the House as fast as we can make them. We appreciate your patronage and hope you all keep mouse free the natural way for many years to come!

-Gary and Will

No Mouse in the House

SimpleTek, LLC

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